Privacy policy

Privacy policy

I'll limit our society in the proper reach of the offer of service in our website and the work of our society and use customer's personal information. When every giving the service use goal is specified a third person has no cases that he elucidates and uses it out of realm at all using it with a use destination concerned, and without getting mailer's approval.

  1. I set a regulation about handling of information about individuals (below "personal information") and am making an effort toward appropriate protection of personal information.
  2. after making the collection purpose clear when collecting personal information, I'll collect personal information in the necessary area.
  3. I don't divert one besides the goal also elucidate in a third person without one's own consent or don't offer it about collected personal information.
  4. I'm doing this strictly about management of personal information and am having the crackdown to prevent hacking and a leak, etc..
  5. the decree and the model which are applied about the personal information our society keeps are obeyed also I maintain and improve a match and protection activity in the above each item.

About access log.

Information on the person who accessed is being recorded by the shape as the access log on the Web site of our society. The following information is included in access log.

  • ・IP address
  • ・The kind of browsers which are being used
  • ・The date you accessed.

The information which can specify the one individual who accessed our website isn't included in these information. Access log is used for purpose of maintenance in a website, a statistical investigation of status and an analysis by our society website Executive Office, but access log isn't used for the purpose of anything but that.


Please check the respective privacy policy about handling of private information in the outside website linked from our website.